Privacy Policy

  1. At BetVictor we take the security of your data very seriously. The following policy outlines our obligation and commitment to you based on the Gibraltar Data Protection Act 2004 and the principles held within that Act. It will also inform you of the type of processing that is carried out with your personal data once it has been collected.
  2. By using BetVictor Affiliates you acknowledge and accept both the terms and conditions of this privacy policy and the purposes and methods of processing for which your data is collected.
  3. Information collected and how it is used

  4. When you open and subsequently use your BetVictor Affiliates account, specific data is collected, such as: Name, address, email address, telephone number etc, which is collected for the purposes of:
    • Recording transactions on your account
    • The management of your account
    • Security (including affiliate identification)
    • Affiliate Profiling
    • Affiliate relationship management and marketing
  5. Account transactions

    Our analysis of the transactions that are recorded in your affiliate account is primarily for the purposes of:
    • Identification of promotional or targeted communications that we believe would be of interest to you.
    • Operational security.
  1. Changing your personal details

  2. You may also change your personal details at anytime in the 'My Account' section of the site.
  3. The security and accuracy of your data

    All of the data collected is stored in a secure and protected environment and is correct as it is provided. You are entitled by law to have a copy of the data recorded and to have any errors corrected. All reasonable steps will be taken to ensure that any processing of your data will adhere to the strictest standards of security and accuracy. Disclosure of your personal data will only take place in accordance with applicable laws. Such disclosure will primarily be to other BetVictor companies, BetVictor business partners and consultants, and suppliers (e.g. card processing organisations) that are engaged to carry out financial or other processing on our behalf. It is not our policy to sell your information to any third party.
  1. Cookies

    When you visit a BetVictor site, a piece of data called a cookie will be sent to your browser. This cookie is non persistent and will be removed when a visitor leave the site, its purpose is to keep the gaming session alive. Customers have to accept this cookie to be able to play the games.
  1. International Transfers of Data

    It may in certain circumstances be illegal to transfer any personal data outside of the EEA. However, when using the Internet to collect and transfer data, the exact path of data transmission is unknown and could therefore be transferred outside of this area
  1. Disclosure to third parties

    From time to time we disclose data to third parties for the purposes of direct mailing, emailing, database management and card processing and security checking or investigation on our behalf or for compliance with lawful requests. Where this is purely for statistical use/analysis this disclosure does not include personal data. Other information is disclosed only to the extent required to enable the necessary functions to be undertaken. We remain responsible for the actions of third parties to whom we disclose data.